June 24, 2018 – Summer Sunday School Schedule begins. Classes may choose to continue meeting or join together in the fellowship hall to attend a class on "The Great Prayers of the Bible" led by Pastor John

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Sunday School Units - 2018

If your class’s teacher is in need of a break, or you are interested in studying any of these topics, contact one of these teachers 3 weeks in advance to arrange for them to lead a unit in your Sunday school class.  


Galatians: The Christian’s “Charter of Liberty”

Taught by Pastor John Engle
7 Week Study
Resources needed:  Bibles

This class will be a thorough study of Paul’s letter to the churches in the region of Galatia.  It will explore the threat of legalism the churches were facing and Paul’s corrective by focusing on the gospel of God’s grace in Jesus Christ.  We will discuss what it means to believe in and live under that grace, with consideration of such topics as cultivating godly Christian character, living in the power of the Holy Spirit, and building healthy relationships in Christian community.  The format of the class will be participatory and interactive as opposed to lecture.  Please arrange for hosting this course by contacting Pastor John at least three weeks in advance.

Ancient/Modern Prayer Practices

Taught by Pastor Jenifer Eriksen Morales
4 Week Study
Resources will be provided; Bibles needed

Consider this study an invitation to discover new ways to re-vitalize our prayer lives and connect with God by putting a modern twist on four ancient (or old) Christian prayer practices.  In addition to learning the various prayer techniques, the class will explore the  Biblical and historical context in which they were originally established.  Sessions will be practical and interactive.  Participants will be encouraged to practice these different ways to pray between Sundays.  


What is an Anabaptist Christian?

Taught by Kirby King
3 Week Study
Resources will be provided

Using Palmer Becker’s, “What is an Anabaptist Christian?”  The class will explore the content, history and current contextual application of the following Anabaptist core value statements…

Jesus is the center of our faith.

Community is the center of our lives.

Reconciliation is the center of our work.


Revisioning Our Sunday School Class

Taught by Pastor Jenifer Eriksen Morales
4 Week Study with 2 and 6 month follow ups
Resources will be provided; Bibles needed

God brings groups of people together for a common purpose and good, but sometimes even the best organizations and groups get stuck in habits and routines.  During these interactive sessions the class will examine their reasons for being together, rediscover the Holy Spirit’s unique call to them and renew their purposes for existing as a class. Far from being a “navel gazing” experience, this study is meant to spark energy and develop concrete steps for moving forward as the class connects to God, each other and the world.