Updates and Announcements

A new list of topics/themes from David Miller are available on the Resource tab.  David is available to teach so feel free to give him a call.  Most topics are 3-4 sessions but the timeframe can be shortened or lengthened as needed.

Don’t forget to fill out your attendance sheets and turn them into the office.

I would love to receive short descriptions of your class to be posted at the welcome table and online as a way to invite  visitors and those not connected to a class to visit.   Some questions to consider…what are you class’ demographics (ages, interests, etc.)?  How is your class structured (what do you do/what might people expect when they visit/do you get together beyond Sunday morning)?  What does your class value?  What are you studying or what do you plan to study in the next few months?

Pastor John will be teaching a summer Sunday school class.  Great Prayers of the Bible in the Fellowship from July 1 through September 2

~  Thanks, Pastor Jen