Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Electives ~ June 23-August 18, 2019

Please feel free to visit or join the class of your choice. All are welcome!

Hosea, Joel, Amos . . .  Who were these people and what messages did they convey from God to the people of God? 

Join us this summer for a class that will cover the last 12 books of the Old Testament, usually known as the minor prophets (‘minor’ with regard only to their length, not their significance!).  We will read from all 12 of the books, trying to understand each one in its original historical setting so as to grasp what God was saying through the prophets to their first hearers as the basis for making appropriate applications to our lives and faith-community today. 

No prior knowledge of the books is assumed or required to attend.  The class will be structured with ample opportunities for participation, questions, and small group discussion as opposed to a lecture format, and we would love to have you come as we seek to hear, understand and obey God’s Word together!

Taught by Pastor John in the Fellowship Hall





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God in The Garden:  Seeing Creation Through the Jesus Creed

This home-grown series uses Bible selections to develop an awareness and respect for the gift of creation so we can be better stewards of our world and followers of Jesus, the one through whom all things were created.  

Led by the Sojourners class in Rooms 313/315. 

Coming in the Fall:

Sunday school classes provide an opportunity for learning, fellowship and spiritual growth.
The particular emphasis may vary from class to class or even from week to week.
Adult Sunday School classes are held on Sunday mornings after our worship service has concluded.

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