Class Descriptions

The Book of Proverbs

SMC Sunday School Elective

June 19 - August 14

The book of Proverbs is a collection of wise sayings and teachings that offers guidance for challenges we all face. We can find principles for how to get along with people, how to be a good person, and how to make the right choices in personal and business affairs. But the larger purpose of the book is to empower its readers with wisdom. Its guiding belief is that God has granted us the ability to develop the mindset and gain the knowledge to make good choices in any time, place, or situation. In this way, Proverbs is both practical and specific—and powerful and transformative. We will read the book over the nine weeks of this elective, and a team of three teachers will offer their perspectives. As we read together, our shared objective will be to understand how we can use the wise teachings in everyday life, and how we can get wisdom for a lifetime.

Click HERE for a resource that will be used throughout the elective.