Class Descriptions

Sunday school classes provide another opportunity for learning, fellowship and spiritual growth. 
The particular emphasis may vary from class to class or even from week to week. 

Adult Sunday School classes are held on Sunday mornings after our worship service has concluded (10:50am).  


Ambassadors  Room 305/307 (500 Level)

We are a caring group of couples and single in our 50’s & 60’s. We use both the Bible and topical studies to encourage discussion and sharing.  We plan social activities and do service projects together.


College & Career Young Adults  Room 119 (Level 100)

A class open to all visitors but intentionally gathering our Young Adults our of high school who are working or attending collage.  We are focused on casual but purposeful discussion that challenges us to expand and deepen our faith perspective.  A variety of leaders provide guidance of discussion on sermon discussions and chosen themes.


Crusaders  Room 304/306 (500 Level)

Our class consists of singles and couples in their 40’s & 50’s.  Class members lead discussion and sharing time using a variety of topics.  We use books, DVD series and study guides. We plan family activities, service projects, women’s and men’s nights out and impromptu gatherings.  We laugh, love and support each other through all of life’s good and bad.


Encouragers  Room 300/302 (500 Level)

Member’s ages range from 45 – 80 and include men and women, single and married.  We usually study the International Lessons from the Adult Bible Study Guide, led by class members.  Class offerings support several mission projects.  We enjoy connecting with international students and plan varied social activities.

Express-O  Room 114 (100 Level)

This is a class for all ages where we discuss relevant issues in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

Faithful Workers  Room 301 (500 Level)

This class is open to all adults.  Studying consists of the Bible and other topics.  Social activities and service projects are planned.

Fishers of Men & Friendship Class  Room 310 (600 Level)

This class is made up of men & women in their 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. An interesting variety of teachers guide the group through the scriptures and use the Adult Bible Study Guide.  We give money in support of children through International Child Care and other special mission projects.   Sharing concerns and joys are always a part of class time.  The women meet for breakfast one Saturday morning per quarter at the Apple Orchard Café.  All women are welcome!

Genesis Room  Room 116 (100 Level)

We are a class of singles and couples, mostly in our 30’s & 40’s.  We have a casual atmosphere with open sharing and great class discussions.  These discussions are often based on a book/video series or the sermon.  Outside of class, we enjoy getting together with our class members and families for various social and service events.

Mediators  Room 303 (500 Level)

We are a group of adults in our 50-70’s.  We meet to encourage each other by studying a wide range of topics through books, video series and personal sharing of work God is doing in our lives. Together we enjoy both social and service activities. In the Summer, we do not hold class allowing us to participate in church-planned Summer classes or other classes to form ties with the church at large.  Please join us whenever you can!

Sojourners  Room 313/315  (600 Level)

This intergenerational class uses various resources for discussions, such as Video Series, Books, Focused Bible Study by topic or book, occasional guest speakers and sometimes discussion of a current issue facing Christians and the church.  Class members share the discussion-leading responsibility.  Honest sharing and diverse perspectives are welcome.  Sharing joys, concerns and praying for each other are an important part of who we are.  We meet periodically for social events.  We welcome anyone who needs a place to fit in.