Current Sermon Series

A Study Through the Book Of Mark:

January 12:  4:35-41— “Who Is This Jesus (or Man)?”

January 19:  1:1-15—John’s Ministry; Jesus’ Baptism and Temptation; “Jesus the Anointed One”

January 26:  1:16-39—Calling of disciples;  “Jesus the Liberator”                           

February 2:  2:13-17, 3:1-6— “Jesus the Friend of Outcasts”

February 9:  4:1-20—Parable of the Sower  “Jesus the Proclaimer of the Kingdom”

February 16:  5:21-43—Healing of Bleeding Woman; “Jesus the Compassionate One”

February 23:  7:1-23—Jesus’ Teaching on the Clean and Unclean; “Jesus the Seeker of Hearts”

March 1:  8:27-9:1—Peter’s Confession;  “Jesus the Unexpected Messiah”

March 8:  9:2-29—The Transfiguration;   “Jesus the Unique One”

March 15:  10:13-31—Children and the Kingdom; “Jesus the Unpredictable One”

March 22:  10:35-52—Greatness in the Kingdom:  “Jesus the Lowly Servant”     

March 29:  12:28-34, 41-44—The Two Great Commandments;   “Jesus the Prioritizer (or Discerner)”

April 5 (Palm Sunday):  11:1-11, 14:32-42—Triumphal Entry;  “Jesus the Peaceful King”

April 10 (Good Friday):  15:16-41— “Jesus the Crucified One”

April 12 (Easter):  16:1-8—Resurrection!    “Jesus the Risen One”



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