Strengthening Meaningful Connections - Creating Care & Companionship





SMC begins meeting for outdoor services in the lower church parking lot on Saturday nights, beginning August 1 at 6:00 PM.
The parking lot will allow sufficient space for safe distancing and we look forward to welcoming all who choose to attend. The services will be taped and will still be accessible online Sunday morning for those who aren't there in person. 



Small Groups Are Gathering!

To learn more about Connect Groups including how to join one - CLICK HERE.



We are Mosaic Mennonites! 

Watch this video for the reveal and description of what it means to be a part of the Mosaic Mennonite Conference:   HERE



Join the challenge of Creating Care & Companionship!

As God leads you through rest and creative connecting points,
we can find ways to love each other and share these ways with each other.  

Throughout the week, bible studies and messages will be posted from our Pastors to give encouragement and challenges to help us stay in touch with and care for our family, neighbors and church family.
Be Inspired and Happy Caring!





Our Care Fund total is over $26,000!
Monies collected will be distributed  to the groups listed below to aid our church families, community and globally those affected by the COVID-19.
  1. Mennonite Central Committee - To support Global Covid-19 relief efforts
  2. Eastern District and Franconia Conference Shalom Fund - to support relief efforts of Mennonite Churches especially in Philadelphia and Allentown
  3. Keystone Opportunity Center - To provide local support for those facing economic difficulties
  4. SMC Deacon/Benevolence Fund - to support members of SMC who are experiencing difficulty
  5. Local grassroots meal distribution programs - to support local efforts to give to families facing food scarcity
  6. Feed Front Line Workers - 3 Local Restaurants will receive money to provide free meals for essential workers.


  • Mail your gift  to the church - Clearly marking your memo line and the envelope with CARE FUND
    • ‚Äč105 West Chestnut Street, Souderton PA 18964
  • Make on ONLINE donation on our website - (FEES APPLY). Click on the DONATE button at the very top of this page.  Again - please make sure you note the gift for the CARE FUND.
  • NO FEES! You can use your bank’s online banking service, you can use that service to send a check to SMC through the bill payment feature. (designate Care Fund)
  • NO FEES!  Sign up for regularly scheduled electronic transfers from your bank account to the church.  The benefit of this method is that it can continue beyond our social distancing time and assure that your gifts to SMC are made even on those Sundays that you do not attend the worship service. 


Pay-It-Forward Frontline

Pay-It-Forward Frontline is a new way to show appreciation for local frontline workers, while also supporting the local economy through Souderton/Telford restaurants during a time of uncertainty. 

The SMC Care Fund has seeded this program in four local restaurants and invites SMC frontline workers to be among the first to enjoy a meal of appreciation!  We hope this initiative will grow and bless many.  If you would like to participate as a donor or to receive an appreciation meal, see details here and follow and share the Facebook page here


The Bean Bag Food Program (friends of Zion Mennonite Church)

Children participating in the Bean Bag Food Program receive much needed breakfasts, lunches and the weekend "Bean Bag" backpacks containing breakfast, lunch and snack items.  There are children in the program  who would have nothing to eat all weekend if it weren't for the Bean Bags.  The Bean Bag Food Program has partnered with Penn Valley Church, Telford and Indian Valley Faith Fellowship, Harleysville to provide free bags of groceries not only to our Bean Bag families but to ALL families in the community needing food.

You can help fill this expanded gap of hunger by:

  • Visit Landis Supermarket in Vernfield & Telford to purchase and drop off food donations.  (the Bean Bag Food Program FaceBook page has an updated shopping list.)
  • Make a monetary donation.  This is the safest and easiest way to help, it limits exposure and allows us to purchase food in bulk.  100% of donations go toward the purchase of food.
    • Donate Online:  - click on the blue "g"
    • Mail a Check:  payable to Zion Mennonite Church/memo:  BBFP (149 Cherry Lane, Souderton Pa 18964)


Support Emmanuel Lutheran Church’s Bagged Meal Distribution 

Emmanuel Lutheran is serving free bagged meals everyday of the pandemic.  
They can always use donations of the following food items.

  • Fresh fruit (bananas, oranges, apples)                    100% fruit juice boxes.                 Tuna Packs

  • Single Serve heat and heat meals                           Cans of Soup.

  • Small boxes of raisins.                                            Uncrustables - PB+J

Food Donations can be dropped off at the church (69 W Broad St Souderton): 
Monday-Thursday 9am-2pm and Sunday 9am to noon



Volunteer with Emmanuel Lutheran’s E-meal Program

Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Souderton is looking for healthy and Covid-19 low risk volunteers to give out meal bags daily between 11:30am and 2pm. 
Sign up to volunteer online or contact Dawn Moore to join a group of SMC volunteers - 








Connect Group and Family Resources for August 2:  CLICK HERE

    Grab your's time for our final Summer Family Bible Bucket Lesson!
    CLICK HERE to join Sarah for a family storytime.


Connect Group and Family Resources for July 26CLICK HERE

Connecting in the Word Bible Study for July 22CLICK HERE


Connecting in the Word Bible Study for July 16: CLICK HERE
Connect Group Resources for July 19CLICK HERE

  Find the sidewalk chalk in your buckets.....
  it's time for Bible Bucket lesson #3!


Connecting in the Word Bible Study - July 8 - CLICK HERE

Bible Study with Pastors John & Dimas:  July 1, 2020 Bible Study:  CLICK HERE
Worship Gathering for Sunday, July 5 : CLICK HERE

Ok Kiddos!
Find your bubble wand and enjoy storytime with Sarah!




Bible Study with Pastors John & Dimas:  
Follow along Pastors John Engle and Dimas Pezzato in virtual Bible studies as they trace out themes found throughout the scriptures and teach through different books of the Bible. They are currently exploring the work and person of the Holy Spirit. Grab your Bible and a notepad and click the link to watch the study. Comments and questions can be sent via email and will be included at the beginning of the following week’s study.
CLICK HERE to watch the June 24 Bible Study.

Worship Gathering for Sunday, June 28 :  CLICK HERE

Story Time with Sarah:  "Horace and Morris But Mostly Dolores" by Amy Walrod

Bible Study with Pastors John & Dimas:  Connecting in the Word 
Follow along Pastors John Engle and Dimas Pezzato in virtual Bible studies as they trace out themes found throughout the scriptures and teach through different books of the Bible. They are currently exploring the work and person of the Holy Spirit. Grab your Bible and a notepad and click the link to watch the study. Comments and questions can be sent via email and will be included at the beginning of the following week’s study.

Host/Facilitators Guide for June 21 Connect Groups - CLICK HERE

Worship Gathering for Sunday, June 21:  CLICK HERE

NEW!!   Summer Family Bible Buckets

Children ages 4 through grade 5 will be recieving a Fun Family Sunday School Resource!  
Included will be summer family Sunday School resources, popsicle stick crafts, Bible challenges and an item for kids to use during Pastor Jen’s next sermon (6/28)! - The lesson videos will be posted here (and on the weekly email grouped with the bible study links) that will go along with the designated lesson (found in the Bible Bucket). 
CLICK HERE for the First Family Bible Bucket Lesson VIDEO - Play-dough 

Have Fun Families!!


Weekly:  Story Time with Sarah - Celebrating our 5th Graders!! (Oh The Places You'll Go - Dr. Suess)
TuesdayFINAL - Dwelling in the Word (with Jess Gillespie) - 1 Corinthians 3:5-16
Sunday, June 14:  Worship LIVE at 9:30am


Weekly:  Story Time with Sarah - (Who Is My Neighbor? by Amy-Jill Levine and Sandy Eisenberg Sasso)
Tuesday, June 2:  Dwelling in the Word (with Pastor Jen)
Wedesday, June 3:  Connecting in the Word (led by Pastors John & Dimas)
Thursday, June 4:  Dwelling in the Word (9am, Facebook Live with Pastor Jen)
Sunday, June 7 Worship Gathering:  9:30am   Watch Here



Weekly:  "Story Time with Sarah" - (Your'e Here For A Reason by Nancy Tillman)    Watch Here
Tuesday, May 26:   "Dwelling in the Word"   With Pastor Jen -  Watch Here  (1 Peter 1:3-12)
Wednesdays, May 27:  - 7pm:   "Connecting in the Word" a live, interactive bible study led by Pastors John & Dimas  - Watch Here.  
Thursdays, May 28 at 9am: "Dwelling in the Word"   with Pastor Jen - Watch Here   (1 Peter 1:13-16)
Sunday Morning Worship - 9:30am:  Watch Here


Sunday, May 24:  9:30am Worship~ GOD IS NEAR Watch Here
Thursday, May 21:  Dwelling in the Word  - 1 Peter 1: 5-12.  Watch Here
Wednesday, May 20:  Connecting in the Word (YouTube live at 7pm) Watch Here
Tuesday, May 19:  Dwelling in the Word - 1 Peter 1:3-4 - Watch Here
SMC Story Time:  "It's Going To Be OK! - Trusting God through Fear & Change" - Watch HERE


Sunday, May 17   ~   9:30am Worship:  Deuteronomy 8:1-10, Pastor Dimas Pezzato
Thursday, May 14   ~   Dwelling in the Word - With Jess Gillespie

Wednesday, May 13   ~   Connecting in the Word (live on Souderton Mennonite YouTube channel)  7pm

Tuesday, May 12   ~  Dwelling in the Word: Mattew 4:1-11

Monday, May 11  ~   Story Time with Sarah:  "I'm Gonna Like Me!"


Sunday, May 10 ~ 9:30am Worship   -   Message by Pastor Jen:  Proverbs 3:1-8

Thursday, May 7 ~ Dwelling in the Word with Pastor Jen 

Wednesday, May 6 ~ Connecting in the Word with Pastors John & Dimas.  Proverbs 2:1-8

Tuesday, May 5 ~ Dwelling in the Word with Pastor Jen   1 Kings 17:8-16

Monday, May 4 ~ Story Time with Sarah 

Sunday, May 3 ~ 9:30am Worship, Message by Pastor Jason - John 10:1-10

Thursday, April 30 ~ Dwelling in the Word with Pastor Jen (9:30am, FaceBook Live)

Wednesday, April 29 ~ Connecting in the Word with Pastors John & Dimas

Tuesday, April 28 ~ Dwelling in the Word with Dawn Moore

Monday, April 27 ~ Story Time with Sarah

Sunday, April 26 ~ Sunday Morning Worship ~ Message by Pastor John Engle

Thursday, April 23 ~ Dwelling in the Word with Pastor Jen. (9am, Facebook. Live)

Wednesday, April 22 ~ Connecting in the Word with Pastors Dimas & John.  (7pm, YouTube)

Wednesday, April 22 ~ Mission Challenge Video (Pastor Jen & the Mission Engagement Team)

Tuesday, April 21 ~ Dwelling in the Word with Pastor Jen  (9am, Facebook Live)

Monday, April 20 ~ Story Time with Sarah

Pastor Jen - Thursday, April 16 ~ Dwelling in the Word

Pastor John - Thursday, April 16 ~ Word of Encouragement/Challenge

Pastor John & Pastor Dimas - Wednesday, April 15 ~ Connecting in the Word

Pastor Jen - Tuesday, April 14 ~ Dwelling in the Word

Miss Sarah - Monday, April 13 ~ Story Time

Pastor Jen - Thursday, April 2 at 9am ~ Dwelling in the Word

Pastors John & Dimas - Wednesday, April 1st at 7:00pm ~ Connecting in the Word ~ WATCH HERE! 

Pastor Dimas - Wednesday, April 1st ~ CCC Challenge ~ WATCH HERE!

Pastor Jen - Tuesday, March 31 ~ Dwelling in the Word ~ Watch the Replay Here

Sarah Scorzetti - Monday, March 30 ~ Live Storytime at 10am ~ Watch Replay Here

Coloring Pages

Pastor Jen - Thursday, March 26 ~ Facebook LIVE at 9am ~ "Dwelling in the Word"

Pastor Jen - Wednesday March 25 ~ CCC Weekly Challenge!

Pastor Jen - Tuesday March 24 ~ "Dwelling in the Word" - Watch the Replay

Sarah Scorzetti - Thursday, March 20 ~ CCC Through Movement
            Follow up questions based on the song used for movement:  "Blessings I Can't See" by Building 429

  • What does it mean to trust God?  How can you trust God in everything?
  • Remember this lyric: "He's got the whole world in His hands"
    • Imagine God holding you and caring for you
    • What do these lyrics mean?  "cause even when I can't see the plan, I know your love is closing in on me"
    • Imagine God holding all the effected by COVID-19
    • If you have kids-sing together "He's got the whole world in His hands"
  • Listen to the whole song-  it's a wonderful reminder that God is in control and He wants us to trust Him!
  • We'd love to see pictures of you trying these movements!  Send in your pictures to and Happy Dancing Everyone!

Pastor Dimas Pezzato - Tuesday, March 18 ~ Encouragement & Challenge

Instructions on hosting or attending a ZOOM meeting:  CLICK HERE

Instructions for hosting or calling into a free conference call:  CLICK HERE



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