Strengthening Meaningful Connections - Creating Care & Companionship

Join the challenge of Creating Care & Companionship!

As God leads you through rest and creative connecting points,  we can find ways to love eachother and share these ways with eachother.  

Throughout the week, periodic messages will be posted from our Pastors/Staff to give encouragement and challenges to help us stay in touch with and care for our family, neighbors and church family.

*New links have been added with instructions to host virtual meetings/gatherings and conference calling.  Both options are free and might be new to you.  But they allow a wonderful time of gathering for families, friends, bible studies, ministry meetings etc.  Check them out!

How do we Create Care & Companionship with our neighbors?  CLICK HERE to see the growing list of ideas that our members and community have shared. 
Be Inspired and Happy Caring!

Pastor Jen - Thursday, March 26 ~ Facebook LIVE at 9am ~ "Dwelling in the Word"

Pastor Jen - Wednesday March 25 ~ CCC Weekly Challenge!

Pastor Jen - Tuesday March 24 ~ "Dwelling in the Word" - Watch the Replay

Sarah Scorzetti - Thursday, March 20 ~ CCC Through Movement
            Follow up questions based on the song used for movement:  "Blessings I Can't See" by Building 429

  • What does it mean to trust God?  How can you trust God in everything?
  • Remember this lyric: "He's got the whole world in His hands"
    • Imagine God holding you and caring for you
    • What do these lyrics mean?  "cause even when I can't see the plan, I know your love is closing in on me"
    • Imagine God holding all the effected by COVID-19
    • If you have kids-sing together "He's got the whole world in His hands"
  • Listen to the whole song-  it's a wonderful reminder that God is in control and He wants us to trust Him!
  • We'd love to see pictures of you trying these movements!  Send in your pictures to and Happy Dancing Everyone!

Pastor Dimas Pezzato - Tuesday, March 18 ~ Encouragement & Challenge


Instructions on hosting or attending a ZOOM meeting:  CLICK HERE
Instructions for hosting or calling into a free conference call:  CLICK HERE



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