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The Mennonite Confession of Faith

This confession guides the faith and life of the Mennonite Church.

Franconia Mennonite Conference Center

FMC is the leadership body for the Mennonite Churches in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The Conference Center provides resources, guidance, seminars and other support to the local churches.

Mennonite Church USA

Mennonite Church USA is an Anabaptist Christian denomination with more than 109,000 members in 44 states.

Mennonite Mission Network

Mennonite Mission Network is the denominational mission agency for Mennonite Church USA. MMN promotes the whole gospel for a broken world as it builds communities of faith through more than 1,000 workers and volunteers.


Mennonite Central Committee

MCC is a relief, service, community development and peace agency of Mennonite Church USA and Brethren in Christ churches.


Mennonite Disaster Service

MDS is a channel through which Anabaptist / Mennonite churches can respond to those affected by disasters in North America. While the main focus is on clean up, repair and rebuilding homes, this work becomes a means of touching lives and helping people regain faith and wholeness.