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SMC Conversations about Mental Illness...

The essence of strengthening meaningful connections is learning about and discussing difficult subjects that greatly affect our friends and families. For many individuals and families, mental illness is a part of everyday life. This Sunday school elective is meant to raise awareness of its prevalence and effects on individuals and families, note the many stigmas that surround mental illness, and identify local available resources. Speakers will share from their personal or professional experiences as well as a Biblical perspective. As we engage in these conversations, we will identify best practices for supporting those affected by mental illness in order to whole heartedly journey with each other.  All are welcome!

Community Conversation seminars will take place in the Sanctuary from 10:50-11:50 and are open to entire Sunday School classes and individuals. 

January 5th - What is Mental Illness?
Speaker: Dave Eckert, MDiv, CPRP

January 12th - Living with Mental Illness
Speakers: SMC Members Rhonda & Ron Ruth

January 19th - Supporting Family Members with Mental Illness
Speakers: SMC Members Elaine Derstine & Merlin & Deb Hedrick

January 26th - Treatment Options for Mental Illness
Speakers: SMC Members Eric & Linda Bishop

February 2nd - Suicide Awareness and Prevention
Speaker:  James Mast, LPC
James Mast is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Penn Foundation. His clinical work focuses on helping individuals, couples, and families understand and cope with a variety of mental health issues. He specializes in supporting those at high-risk for hospitalization due to the severity of their behaviors. James completed his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, with a concentration in Trauma Studies, at Eastern University.



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