Adult Sunday School

Coming August 25, 2019!


Please Join the Conversation!

Every other Sunday this fall, a speaker from our community will present an awareness raising seminar on a topic or issue relevant to our community and culture. Sundays in between, participants will meet in a Sunday School Class or in the Fellowship Hall to review, discuss and pray about what was learned from the speaker the week before.  The bi-weekly class discussions will be grounded in scripture and will help us consider the topics in a personal way.  Together we will discover how God is at work in our community and think about how the Holy Spirit may be inviting us as individuals, groups or the congregation to respond. This is a great way to strengthen meaningful relationships with Jesus and each other, and with our community while we learn.

Community Conversation seminars will take place in the Sanctuary from 10:50-11:50 and are open to entire Sunday School classes and individuals. 

Other Adult Sunday School Opportunities:

Sunday school classes provide an opportunity for learning, fellowship and spiritual growth.
The particular emphasis may vary from class to class or even from week to week.
Adult Sunday School classes are held on Sunday mornings after our worship service has concluded.

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