Adult Sunday School

Sunday school classes provide another opportunity for learning, fellowship and spiritual growth.
The particular emphasis may vary from class to class or even from week to week.
Adult Sunday School classes are held on Sunday mornings after our worship service has concluded.

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Adult Sunday School 2019 Schedule:


April 21 - No Sunday School - Easter Service at 9:30 - followed by donuts/coffee in the lobby

April 28 - Emily Ralph Servant will offer a seminar during the SS hour - "Risk-taking in the Anabaptist context" - As we learn to Strengthen Meaningful Connections with Christ, Church, and Community, an important aspect is learning to move beyond our comfort zones and in faith to step out in new areas that as with anything new require a certain amount of risk. Emily will lead us in exploration of why the Anabaptist/Mennonite movement went from a high risk movement in which all were considered missionaries to a settled community in which only the select few are tasked with mission. How do we encourage a healthy balance of risk and caution?

May 19 - Congregational Meeting during Sunday School  (No Adult Sunday School, please encourage everyone in your class to attend!).