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Church Structure


Church Board

The Church Board is a single body called by the congregation for governance. The purpose of the board is to conduct the affairs of the congregation so as to achieve the mission and vision of SMC. The Church Board functions on behalf of the congregation to make sure accountability for all components are in place. The Church Board sees their work as ministry and seeks the Spirit's discernment in their worshipful-work model of functioning.

Church Board Members (starting at the top left):

Ron Alderfer, Eric Bishop, Elyse Hackman
Jason Kuniholm, Steve Leinbach, Thelma Mack, Tim Mininger
Leon Moyer, Erin Toth, Ruth Walter


Pastoral Leadership Team

The pastoral leadership team gives leadership to the ministry of the equipping church. The pastoral team works together to keep the vision centered and focused. The team is led by our lead pastor and the other members of the team lead in their respective ministries with an empowered collaborative style. To view our entire staff, click here.

Team-Based Ministry

The pastors are called to equip and to train members to serve. This recognizes that all members are called to be ministers. Team based ministry involves a focused and defined ministry for each person. Ministry teams are formed around the vision and mission of the church. Training is available for each person in a ministry focus area. Persons are called to ministry through a ministry discovery process and also at times affirmed by the congregation.