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Souderton Mennonite Church (SMC) is a diverse congregation of believers unified through faith in Christ who recognize and embrace our heritage as an Anabaptist faith community. We believe the Jesus shown in Scripture guides our daily life. As we pattern our lives after Jesus, we find meaning for ourselves and are encouraged to build relationships to share God’s love with others.

In the Anabaptist tradition, SMC holds these common beliefs: Jesus Christ is at the center of our faith. Relationships and community are central to our lives at SMC and beyond. Reconciliation and spreading the love of God is our work in life. The Bible is central to a believer’s life. These beliefs have a direct connection to our vision of “Strengthening Meaningful Connections with Christ, Church, and Community”.

SMC believes and upholds the 1995 Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective 

SMC is a member of Mosaic Mennonite Conference which is associated with Mennonite Church USA; it is our intention to remain as such and to pray and support the larger Church.

SMC strives to be a welcoming home for those who seek God and desire to be a part of this church family. SMC is always working to be Christ’s disciples, seeking and encouraging both those within our fellowship, and those around the corner, in our workplaces, and wherever we find ourselves. 

We want to grow as a community of grace and love by teaching our children, youth, and adults the way of Christ. We aim to provide the means for building relationships, mutual aid, mutual counsel and sharing of concerns and joys. We strive to practice hospitality through acceptance, openness and forgiveness that transcends our differences and heals our brokenness.

We appreciate and desire Biblically-based sermons, in many different styles and forms; recognizing that people see, hear, and are inspired in a variety of ways. We believe that the Holy Spirit can speak to and through all people – men, women, young, old, all races, and any background to accomplish His divine plans. We all come imperfect and strive to live into the redeemed life that God has provided us.

Souderton Mennonite Church’s leadership is led by a Church Board; which is made up of, and called by, the congregation as a whole. We are also led by a team of Pastors, with different gifts and areas of expertise, trusting each other and working together with an empowered collaborative style. The Pastoral Team is led by the Pastoral Team Leader who provides leadership, overall administration, spiritual direction, and works to implement the vision as discerned by the congregation.



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